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Golden Temple
The Golden Temple is the principal shrine of Sikhism. It is surrounded by the sacred Amrita Saras (Pool of Immortality), in which the pilgrims bathe to become spiritually purified. We have build our hotel near Golden temple, so that the visitors in amritsar can visit Golden temple whenever they want
Durgiana Temple
A famous Hindu temple in the lines of the Golden Temple, with a sacred sarover sorrounding. It's dedicated to God's Laxmi Narayan and attracts thousands of devotees round the clock. The replica scenes from the Hindu epic 'Ramayana' & 'Mahabharat around the sarover are for an eyewash.

Jallianwala Bagh
On 13th April 1919, General Dyer of the British Army sprayed Bullets in to innocent civilians killing hundreds and injuring thousands. The masacre was condenmed worldwide and the indian freedom movement was given an altogether different dimension thereafter. A special memorial at the very spot reminds us about the supreme sacrifice of our forefathers for independence of our motherland.
Wagah Border
A Colorful 'Beating the Retreat' ceremony in the INDO-PAK Border at visitors from both the sides of the Border. A visit to AMRITSAR is undoubtly incomplete without a visit to wagah.

Khalsa College
The college building is an excellent piece of construction and was built in 1892. It simply narrates the excellence in typical sikh architecture. As a seat of higher studies, it earned a name for itself not only in the north India but around the Globe. It really set a trend in the British age to excel in every sphere of life, be it sports, academics, social service and above all a love for your own country.
Gobindgarh Fort
Fort Gobind Garh is in the south-west of the city, has been taken over by the Indian army and is now off limits. It was built in 1805-09 by Ranjit Singh, who was also responsible for constructing the city walls.

Sri Akal Takht Sahib
The magnificient building facing Darshani Deori is called AKAL TAKHT. As the seat of Temporal Authority, it came up during the reign of the sixth Guru Sri Hargobind Ji. Its foundation stone was laid on 15th June 1606. Actually the growing hostility of the mughals gave a martial tone to the followers of the religion and all the related matters came here for a final hearing. Till today it is considered the supreme authority in all regious matters.

Gurudwara Baba Atal Sahib
Gurudwara Baba Atal Sahib, an octogonal tower of 45 mtr. height stands tall on the outskirts of the Golden Temple. It is named after the minor son of Sri Hargobing Ji. Baba Atal sacrificed his own life in the exchange of his friends and gurudwara wa founded in 1770. The beautiful morals on the walls just add to the grandeuer and spirituality of the place.

Ram Tirath
The sacred place dates back to the era of Ramayan and believed to be the birth place of Luv & Kush the sons of Lord ShriRam. The place was also considered to be the Ashram of the saint Valmiki who composed the great holy epic Ramayan.
Gurudwara Baba Deep Singh ji Shaheed
Accordig to the Sikh legend, Baba Deep Singh avenged the desecration of the Golden Temple by fighting the Afghan army in 1757. Baba Deep Singhji continued to fight after being decapitated slaying his enemies with his head on one hand and his sword on the other. On reaching this sacred place he breathed his last.
Summer Palace and Statue of Maharaja Ranjit Singh
The state of Punjab was at its zenith both in spirituality and prosperity during Maharaja Ranjit Singh's regime. A number of palaces, Gurudwaras and temples stand testimony of that Golden era. Rambagh Garden or Company Bagh founded on the lines of Shalimar Bagh was named after Guru Shri RamDas Ji, the founder of the city of Amritsar. With greeneries all around, Maharaja Ranjit Singh had his summer palace within. Although a major portion of the palace fell to ruins with the passage of the time, the darshani deori still reminds as the oppulence and the architectural excellence of the contemporary Punjab. 

Now Maharaja Ranjit Singh Panaroma has come up on its place with rare collections of paintings, arms and weapons, coins which throw sufficient light on the social and political diaspora of that intervening period.

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